About me

I began photography on my first backpacking trip through Africa. I had no intentions beyond capturing some good shots of my trip, but I quickly noticed that I was often more excited about getting a beautiful shot than the average photo snapper. After a few more months of traveling and learning how to use a camera, I got home and threw the rest of my travel money on the best camera I could afford. Throughout the next few years of traveling, I picked up the odd job here and there and slowly learned my way around the craft through experience. Eventually, I made my way to the west coast and settled on beautiful Vancouver Island in Victoria which is now where I call home and run my business.

I have had the opportunity to work in a wide variety of niche areas including documentary, commercial and product, events, and weddings. Some of my larger projects include work in both photography and videography roles with organizations such as the World Food Program, Fuji Film, Sea Shepherd, and The Earth Group. These projects and others have given me the opportunity to work both locally and internationally on large and small scale projects.

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